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The Building approval comprises of the building plan and the layout approval for the construction of the building. 1) Building Plan: A builder should submit building plan before starting the construction activities. Building plans are a graphical representation of what a building will look like after construction.

Yemmiganur & KUDA Approvals

Building marking & execution

The execution phase is where all the action happens and the plans start materializing. There will be changes to the scope and the documentation will change as a result. Site marking is one of the starting point of your construction. In this activity your Engineer and Mistry will identify pillar placements. Once pillars placement is identified based on soil condition earth work will start. Engineer will mark the area around the Pillar. Earth workers will dig marked area.

structural designs

Structural design is a highly specialized area of civil engineering. It can be described as a set of methods or tools that are used to determine safe and economical specifications for a structure, and to ensure that a planned structure will be sufficiently strong to carry its intended load

Land survey

An approved survey plan is a survey plan approved either by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) or by the Land Registration Authority (LRA). Such plans are considered public documents and can be requested from the approving agencies mentioned.

exterior & interior designs

Interior design is the process of designing the interior of a home or other structure. This can involve anything from choosing paint colors and furniture to deciding on the layout of a room. Exterior design is the process of designing the exterior of a home or other structure.

preparation of layouts

Construction Staking and layout is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of proposed new structures such as roads, buildings, slab edges, elevator openings or structural columns.

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